However, their lover, Chris Harris is now at least bi-sexual as a consequence of Bob


However, their lover, Chris Harris is now at least bi-sexual as a consequence of Bob

137. James Violent storm are an asshole. A week on the team he had been extending newer men and you can telling them to spend the dues. But that is some other now. He cries a lot. When the he cannot particularly a fit, he cries backstage afterwards. I am not making this up. They are just extremely sensitive and painful now. Weird. Right before Harris got the major single people push the guy visited spend time having Bob. One thing led to some other and additionally they had been both jerking the fresh beef whistle. Basic, do you believe anyone pays her or him one? What i’m saying is, anyone however, TNA? But how higher does Violent storm turn out within this? The guy cannot whack out of proper but nonetheless contains the an effective shell out months.

138. When Missy Hyatt was sixteen whenever she fulfilled Tommy Rich. She was a virgin, also orally, however, popped in the opportunity to strike your. Therefore he got the girl towards reveal and you may she blew him on route. She didn’t ingest therefore he utilized a soft towel. The guy informed her to save it good souveniur (sp?). She laughed but don’t ensure that is stays. Once they have got to new stadium he asked the woman to come in for a minute. She found Larry and you will went down to Larry Property for a buffet you to night as well. She must’ve started hungry into the organization. 139. Joel Gertner visited school from the Cornell You., of all the towns. Their moms and dads damaged their butt to have him to go to college or university here. The guy majored when you look at the Tv production and you will spent some time working from the a television associate within the Ithaca as he try trying to break in to the biz. With a couple from semesters kept off delivering a keen Ivy Category diploma, the guy fell out-of-school to check out his fantasy.

140. There’s an excellent rumor boating RSPW many years right back on Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon and you may Maxx Payne gangbanging Ebony Travels backstage at the Slamboree Legend’s Reunion into the. I like to say ninety-five

141. Victor Quinones slipped Shocker a beneficial mickey. Shocker seems sickly and you can would go to sleep. Shocker wakes with lil’ Shocker from inside the Victor’s mouth or around is indeed there.

142. Rita Chatterton who had been this new WWF’s first women referee alleged you to she was raped because of the Vince McMahon throughout the back-seat from his limousine. Chauffeur Jim Stuart corroborated Chatterton’s membership and recorded a lawsuit regarding his own, alleging you to definitely, during their WWF a position, he had been pushed into watching the brand new fee regarding crimes. The brand new instances have been possibly overlooked to own lack of facts or paid regarding judge.

144. Brand new Jack just after got liquored-right up from the a strip pub once an enthusiastic indy inform you and you will spoke crap so you’re able to Swede Hanson in the parking lot.

150. I hear CM Punk started banging Blowjob Whitmer’s spouse when you are she was still married so you’re able to Cock sucking. She, by the way, is warmer yourself.

Magically they both had bumped regarding $500 / week so you’re able to $step 1,five-hundred / month

151. I know that it belongs an additional bond, but have a little more about Bobby Eaton. He’s not the great boy individuals were talking about regarding the almost every other thread. He could be a legit alcohol just who greeting liquor to help you damage his career and loved ones.

We listen up taken place if you’re Punk is (nevertheless are) relationship TNA’s Tracy Brooks

152. Golf balls Mahoney is also an excellent satanist. James Mitchell is actually a keen atheist particularly Raven and you can CW Anderson but maybe not a satanist. He believes people are incorrect.

154. Heyman did not shell out ECW males to possess above thirty days because the the organization was dying. The guy was not actually during the shows. He purchased themselves time by stating telling people become patient once the he was in Ca doing protecting a different Tv bargain having ECW. He had been indeed expenses the cash employing an agent, filming Rollberball, and you may spending money to acquire beverages and rooms for Movie industry models with the newest boys’ spend. Of course we all know the guy never ever told this new boys the business was dead. They just spotted your towards Intense and you may decided it.


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